Vale Therapy (Louise Page)


You probably already know what you’d like to do or change for your own future wellbeing.

Have you been given some advice, directions or suggestions from friends, family or different professionals?

What do you want to do to increase your well-being?

Well-being means something different to each of us.  It may be health issues, stress management, less worry and anxiety, more self confidence and self esteem, better coping strategies or just enjoying life more in whatever way you know would be good for you.

You are the person who knows what’s good for you, what you want.

You may have found it difficult to start or continue what you want to do.  There may be barriers stopping you getting to your ultimate goal.  Sometimes long held beliefs and reasons can prevent success, however determined you may feel and however much you may want or need to change.  Many of my clients have used clinical hypnotherapy to address these barriers.

In order to make the changes you want, wish or need you could use clinical hypnotherapy.  It’s all about using a level of relaxation so you can have access to these habits, information and memories held by the subconscious mind.   It’s then that you can work on specific areas.  You decide what will be good for your wellbeing.

Many people have used Clinical Hypnotherapy to make positive changes to their lives and general wellbeing.  My clients have used hypnotherapy in many different ways – to move on from old beliefs, stop habits, start better routines and beliefs, clear phobias and fears, gain more confidence and self-esteem, have better sport performance, improve weight management and many other areas in their life.

For more information on how some of my clients have used clinical hypnotherapy and mind coaching please go to CLIENT EXPERIENCES.