Vale Therapy (Louise Page)

Stress management suggestions


Here are some ideas/suggestions for some stress management … take care!

  • Count real slowly to 10 (or 100!)
  • Close your eyes & think about your breathing
  • Listen to some of your favourite music
  • Let your mind wander – holiday, quiet place
  • Make a list – get that stuff out of your head
  • Read at leisire for leisure
  • Dance – in your slippers around in the kitchen?
  • Get out into the open – go for a stroll
  • Walking/Yoga/Boxing/Tai Chi/Swimming etc
  • Call a friend for a chat/catch up
  • Have a good grumble – clear out your rubbish
  • Ask for help if that’s needed
  • Meditate – listen to your own answers
  • Do nothing – give yourself permission then do nothing
  • Try something new – hobby/class/exercise(My personal favourite is putting on some disco tunes and grooving in the kitchen in my slippers!)
  • And the really important part of this is … doing it – put yourself first!