Vale Therapy (Louise Page)

I’m seeing green Leprechauns!

I’ve just been up to Dove Hospice to my relaxation sessions with the hospice clients.

All is good, all is calm and then in the middle of the relaxation session this one door starts rattling and generally being a bit of an annoyance if you’re relaxing, so I decide that I’d try to stop the door from being a pain in the ears.

I open the door and what do I see – a fully grown, adult sized Leprechaun sitting at a table tapping away on his laptop!  Surreal isn’t the word – you just don’t expect that on a Thursday morning.

This week is wear green at Dove Hospice to celebrate St Patrick’s day.  So my surprise was actually Sean, one of the guests, in full green leprechaun costume celebrating St Patrick’s day!  Where’s a camera when you need one!

and relax …