Vale Therapy (Louise Page)

Nerves, Worry & situations

  • Maybe you’d prefer is to literally think or stress about it a lot less.
  • Maybe even remain cool, calm and collected
  • Arrive at a reception/party in a calm and collected manner, feeling something like calm or something similar.
  • Give your speech or presentation in a calm and confidence manner


So, which is your preferred option – being stressed out about it all or take some time out to learn a few stress management techniques, rehearse the events, still calm and collected, even if this is the first time you’ve EVER done this sort of thing?

There are many reactions to high stress, even if it’s one of anticipated enjoyment, such as a wedding. Some people freeze, some get to near hysterics, some say their vows to the flowers near their future husband, some cry and then there is bridezilla.

  • Maybe you recognise some of these reactions, or maybe you have some specific reactions to such stressful events?
  • Maybe you feel the feelings, hear some sort of internal dialogue or critical voice?
  • Possibly you see yourself failing?

Or, then again, there’s the option that you could take in learning some stress management techniques, for you to use and be in control on the big day.

The choice is yours entirely.

It’s entirely up to you – you could find yourself being a chilled out chicken rather than a headless chicken (metaphorically) or even going from frozen to calm and collected.

Stage Fright

Here are a few scenarios for this kind of work –

  • acting
  • sports
  • performing
  • giving speeches
  • giving presentations
  • teaching
  • and basically any other scenario where you want to feel in control of the event/situation in front of an audience.

Stage fright is literally stage fright and also nerves about speaking to an audience (however large),  you may want to feel this way or something similar.

You could use various therapies to help you feel more calm and confident about what you need to do, how you’d really like to do it.

There’s the opportunity to rehearse with your subconscious mind…

  •  what feeling calm and confident feels like before you start to speak/go on stage
  • how you can feel whilst speaking (calm/confident etc)
  • and at the end of the talk/event be able to feel calm and confident.
  • or any other part of your performance, speech, presentation.

This sounds all too easy?

Well if you used and looked at your nerves/stress etc before the event and got that in it’s place (in the place you want it to be) then practiced in a safe environment using your subconscious mind.

Then when the actual day/time arrives you have already experienced feeling just that way – calm and confident.

Because you feel this way you can then use what you’ve practised successfully in real time.


Weddings, full of emotional connections, stress, speeches, styles, expectations, weight management, unrealised dreams, interference, family history, organisation, opinions  and many other areas.

So, if you’re the one giving a speech , would you like to be more calm and confident for the day?

If you’re the bride, what would you like to feel like?  Calm and confidence or stressed out so much you don’t enjoy the day?

If you’re one of the bridesmaids, do you want help with any part of your involvement?

Weddings are great events, and yet sometimes there’s always that stress, worry, anxiety, unrealistic expectations, involvement etc.