Vale Therapy (Louise Page)

Diets, weight & drinking



Firstly and very importantly, this page isn’t all about telling you what you need to do – you’ll already have decided that.

This is about how you could use the therapies and strategies on offer to change your habits and beliefs,  help you attain the lifestyle, weight, healthy eating and drinking level you’d like.

I wonder if any of the following feel familiar to you?   Or, maybe there’s something else you’d like to work on?

  • Want to tackle your comfort eating?
  • Want positive results from healthy eating?
  • Prefer to invest some time and effort into developing a healthy lifestyle
  • Remove your barriers to succes – you could find out more what your barriers
  • Want to stop comfort eating?
  • Want to live more healthily?
  • Explore these areas and more, you could find out what makes you feel that way.
  • You may find out what started this process – the need for treats.
  • Been on various diets for years?  Find you lose then gain again?
  • Were you told/made to eat all that was on your plate when younger?
  • Was not finishing you meal associated with guilt (eg starving African children)?


Changing habits

It’s really easy to keep to certain habits, even though you’ve been trying to change, improve, increase or reduce what you eat or drink.

In order to change habits, you could use clinical hypnotherapy and mind coaching to help you do this.

You may want to stop using food/drink for a stress management strategy, and use another, more useful habit (which you decide/choose).

Maybe you’d like to change some of your eating habits from childhood for better ones for you now?

Emotional Eating 

This is the connection between how you feel and what happens next – reaching for the crisps, biscuits, sweets, chocolate etc whenever you feel good or nervous or stressed or any other emotion.

This is a learnt behaviour which you may like to realign to your current needs and wishes.

Have you reached a plateau in your weight loss?

Having been successful on your diet/weight management system, you may have come to a stop, or plateau. Where you’ve got to a certain point and need to increase your motivation. You could use clinical hypnotherapy to change you motivation levels.

Better management over what and how much you eat?

It may be a case of having more management (control) over certain events/food/drink. For instance, being able to enjoy a certain amount of chocolate when you think it’s the right time, rather than HAVING to have the food/drink option. It’s all about more and better management for you, as you are now.

Drink Management

As part of a diet or weight management you may have found that in order to reduce the calories consumed, you may choose to have better management of your drink consumption. For example reducing the number of units per week, ie a general reduction.


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