Vale Therapy (Louise Page)

Health changes (coping with)

Change can be viewed as a good thing, conversely it’s regularly seen as a bad thing when the power over such change isn’t yours.

Even good change can be a bit unnerving or even scary,  it’s a new and different aspect to your life.

Change that you’ve not been aware of or have been forced into can result in stress and anxiety.


Health changes can involve many challenges.

  • Would you like some stress management & acceptance for you?
  • Do you want to change how you feel?
  • Would you like to  react / think about what’s going in your life more positively?

Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching isn’t a miracle cure for pain relief, however, both emotional and physical problems originate in our minds at a deeper level, so it makes sense to direct any therapy for change where it lies and where it is.

Sometimes, for some people, change is a good thing, especially if it’s their choice.

If the change isn’t their choice and involves changes to what they know/like it could be a source of frustration, anxiety & fear, amongst other feelings and even pain.

I first met Louise when I went to Dove Cottage Hospice, near Melton Mowbray.  She was starting some relaxation classes and there was a lot of interest in this.  So we started learning how to relax and practised this, and to my surprise it worked.  I could not believe it as I had never been able to relax very well, I had tried relaxation tapes of various sorts and it had never worked for me.

Louise said if we tried to do it every day then soon we would be able to do it for ourselves, so I tried at home. It did not work to start with and then suddenly it began to work.


Client Story:

I had told Louise I was worried about an operation I was to have on my eyes because I would be awake while they did the operation. I did not know what they were going to do but the thought of being awake while they worked on my eyes was daunting to say the least.

We worked on the techniques further, enabling me become even more relaxed so that I might be able to use it while they operated and about 3 weeks later I went for the operation

Louise suggested that I could say to myself that I give the surgeons permission to do the operation on me because it was to help me in the future and make me feel a lot better.  I also told the surgeon what I intended to do and he had no objection; he said he had seen it work before so try it.

Then the anesthetist had a word with me and told me the worst part would be the injections they would give me all around each eye.  He said it would be painful but if I could get through that then it would not be too bad.  Well he was right it was very painful.

Once that was over I tried to relax and let them get on with it well I managed to relax and started to relax even more, using the techniques I had learnt and practised.

I know that what I learnt about relaxation and using it regularly helped me get through the operation.  I don’t think I would have got through it otherwise.  It worked for me and I hope it will work for other people

Louise shared and taught me a skill I can use for the rest of my life and there was nobody more skeptical than me.

Frustration, anxiety and worry

It’s a very natural and human reaction to feel frustration, scared, overawed, out of control, overtaken, over burdened to name but a few, sometimes this will be from major events in life.

There may be grief and anxiety at the loss of an old lifestyle; having to learn a new routine/lifestyle and understanding of the condition itself. It may even require long term pain management.

There are new routines and then there’s the continuation of all that’s required. This in itself could be a source of frustration or something similar for individuals.

Having a long term condition can be described as many things – you may well be able to think of some other words to describe your particular experience. Pain management is required to give you back control.

There is no magic wand that can turn back time, however, you do have the choice of how you move forward, which is where stress and pain management come in.

Please note this programme does not involve any part of your medical routine. It is solely to help you deal with the situation you have found yourself in – stress management just for you!

Relaxation sessions at Dove Hospice

I run a weekly relaxation session for the guests and voluntters of Dove Hospice, near Stathern.   How they use these sessions is as individual as they are – some to cope with the mental anxiety and worry, and some use the mind/body connection to help them relax more than they normally can.

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If you’d like to feel positively different about the changes going on in your life please contact me for more information.