Vale Therapy (Louise Page)

Choices in life

Choices for life … as a  Type 1 diabetic

Here’s a simple example, that involves shepherd’s pie, cooked plums and rice pudding plus my Type 1 diabetes …

I love and loved both shepherd’s pie and rice pudding, and as a younger Type 1 diabetic it was hard to have both in the same meal, as they are both carbohydrate heavy.  So, the question was how could I have a decent amount of what I loved to eat when I was young?

The solution was mixing what I liked with what I didn’t in one meal – how odd does this sound?

Here’s how it worked … shepherd’s pie followed by cooked plums. Now, I love shepherd’s pie. What you may not know is that I think that cooked plums are just disgusting, if not plain wrong.  (I love “fresh” plums, cooked plums are a big no no for me).

Equally I hate liver and onions (to me quite foul) so that was coupled with wonderful rice pudding.  This meant that I could choose to have a plateful of shepherd’s pie and no cooked plums (yes!).  I could then choose to have no liver and onions then have my rice pudding which was just great.  These solutions allowed me to use up all the available carbohydrates on what I liked. Nearly as happily, I could easily avoid said disgusting cooked plums and horrid liver and onions.

So, at times it may feel like or seem as if there are very few little or restricted choices and by using some creativity it may well be possible to make the situation more positive.